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We are pleased to provide coaching and development for leaders around the globe. Some of our clients include:

"RV Rhodes proved to be a great business partner equally committed to the success of our 360 program and development of our employees. The team at RV Rhodes was extremely flexible to our needs as we are an international company with cultural and time zone differences. The joint work in development and implementation of the 360 program tied directly to our Aviat Networks Leadership competencies made the program relevant and value added. Participants shared that the follow on debrief and coaching sessions with RV Rhodes coaches, were key to helping them focus their individual development efforts. Our 360 program has been so well received, that based on participants requests and results, we are extending the 360 program and RV Rhodes engagement into the next level in our organization."

Deborah Perry
Vice President of Human Resources
Aviat Networks


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Discover Your Talents  

Take a look in the mirror.  Who do you see?  What are your strengths, your talents, and your true passion?  If you know, is your time spent playing to those strengths and living your dream every day?  Maybe you’ve lost the ability to articulate your strengths?  Have you become so caught up in what the world expects you to be that you’ve lost sight of who you really are?   

Our assessments are simple questionnaires that help you to clarify your strengths and identify how you can capitalize on them every day.  You can even ask for feedback from others through our customizable 360° feedback process.  You’ll also learn what you can do better, differently, or more often to increase your effectiveness.

Our coaches are ready to schedule your one-on-one debrief to review your results and more importantly, to give you ideas about how you can achieve your goals and get energized by your work.

Workplace Big Five Profile & Coaching Call
Learn more about your personality, while identifying your strengths and potential career limiting behaviors with this 10 minute assessment. Then, during a one hour coaching call (by phone or skype) you'll learn how to capitalize on your strengths and to build the skills necessary to achieve your professional or personal goals. 

Want to offer this amazing self-discovery process to your team, while giving you the insight to really motivate them?  Call for volume prices.  716-845-5548.


one on one telephone coaching session with RV Rhodes

Customizable 360 Degree Feedback Assessment with
One-on-One Telephone Coaching Session

This robust 360° feedback assessment allows you to customize your competencies, get feedback from an unlimited number of people, and get development recommendations for up to 10 leadership competencies. You'll receive our Learn and Grow Guide and more development tips during a one hour coaching call. 

Want to offer this reflective feedback process to your team, while understanding the development needs of the entire group?  Call for volume pricing.  716-845-5548. [Download sample report]




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