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We are pleased to have provided custom 360 degree assessments for companies around the globe. Some of our custom 360 degree assessment clients include:

"RV Rhodes proved to be a great business partner equally committed to the success of our 360 program and development of our employees. The team at RV Rhodes was extremely flexible to our needs as we are an international company with cultural and time zone differences. The joint work in development and implementation of the 360 program tied directly to our Aviat Networks Leadership competencies made the program relevant and value added. Participants shared that the follow on debrief and coaching sessions with RV Rhodes coaches, were key to helping them focus their individual development efforts. Our 360 program has been so well received,that based on participants requests and results, we are extending the 360 program and RV Rhodes engagement into the next level in our organization."

Deborah Perry
Vice President of Human Resources
Aviat Networks


Customized 360 Feedback

360 degree feedback assessments allow individuals to get input about their performance and behaviors from the people around them, including their boss, peers, direct reports, and even customers. 360 degree feedback assessments help individuals discover their strengths and identify the most important behaviors for future focus.  All of our 360 degree feedback assessments come with development ideas and planning guides. And, one-on-one or group debriefs will ensure that participants get the right tips and coaching for success.

Interested in designing a customized 360 degree feedback assessment or in administering your own 360’s? Our tools, software, and certification programs can help you eliminate the complexities and build cost-effective, robust solutions.  Or, come to our 360 Boot Camp to get your 360 up and running in just 2 days!

For more information, watch the video above.  And, download our free 360 Success Kit.  A simple 360 degree feedback solution is just around the corner.  Schedule a Demo Today

Customizable 360 Degree Feedback Assessment with One-on-One Telephone Coaching Session

Our most robust 360° feedback assessment allows you to customize your competencies, get feedback from an unlimited number of people, and get development recommendations for up to 10 leadership competencies. You'll receive our Learn and Grow Guide and more development tips during a one hour Debrief and Coaching Call. Call For Volume Pricing 716-845-5548.

Download sample report $795  



Workplace Performance 360:  Certification, Dashboard Access &
(5) 360 Feedback Assessments

This formal certification program is delivered via a 4 hour webinar, scheduled the way you’d like it, so you can connect from anywhere. You'll learn how to customize 360's based on your desired competencies, as well as how to use the WorkPlace Performance 360 Dashboard to set up and maintain your projects. We'll also share more tips and techniques for successful 360 projects. You can expect to gain clarity, confidence and focus about the direction of your 360's. Plus, you’ll get 5 360’s to get you started.

Download sample report $2,195  

Survey software programs

Insight 20/20 Gold System Software

This comprehensive survey software allows you to set up projects quickly and easily. You can manage multiple projects simultaneously and aggregate report data from different projects. The Survey Library contains more than 1,200 survey items in over 160 categories, and detailed developmental recommendations are included. Use them "as is" or customize them to fit the requirements of your organization. You can also add your own surveys to the library to survey individuals, teams or your entire organization.

Download a sample report   Get more information on Insight 20/20


360 Boot Camp

Immerse yourself in the secrets of successful 360’s while building your organization’s 360 degree feedback process.  Join us for 2 days in our Buffalo, NY offices where we’ll work with you to design your customized 360° feedback instrument, development guide, internal communications, and much more.  Whether you purchase one of our software packages to administer your own 360’s or use us as a third party provider, you’ll have a customized, turnkey solution in just 48 hours!

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