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We are pleased to have coached amazing leaders from all walks of life:

"I found the Aspiring Executives program to be an extremely valuable use of my time. I was provided with frameworks that I could immediately implement and see results from. I was introduced to a network of individuals with whom I was able to share ideas and relatable moments. The suggestions provided by Judi and Amy were immediately actionable and have proven to be truly invaluable not only to my personal development, but also to the organization I represent."

Manager and IT Professional
National Health Insurer

"The unique blend of assessments, Quicktools and personal coaching make this a compelling program for leaders at every level."

Clinical Psychologist
University Based Family Practice

"I'm a big believer in Judi and the value she and her team can bring to an organization.  Judi has worked with a number of our senior executives and has made a big difference in their level of performance.  Through comprehensive testing and extensive one-on-one sessions, Judi has helped them understand themselves better and enabled them to better use their strengths to work around their weaknesses.  She also has worked with our executive team as a whole and helped shape a group of individuals with different talents and ways of looking at the world into a high performance team." 

Tom Chestnut, President & CEO, AAA of Western & Central New York


Leadership Coaching

Studies show that more than 80% of leaders would welcome a coach to help them focus on their own professional and personal development.  Perhaps they’d like advice on how to manage conflict, negotiate competing agendas, make better decisions, or mentor their teams.  Or, they might be searching for a confidant to listen to their ideas and concerns.   With our coaching solutions, your leaders will have the opportunity to work with an experienced professional who can help them discover their talents, achieve their goals, and get energized by their work. 

Who is a candidate for coaching?

  1. New leaders who need to be fast-tracked to success.
  2. CEO’s who feel isolated or seek a trusted partner.
  3. Succession candidates who need self-awareness and targeted development.
  4. Technically proficient individuals who desire the political savvy to promote and gain acceptance for their ideas.
  5. Soft-hearted leaders in need of tools for making tough decisions and building accountability.
  6. Executive women who want complete acceptance as professionals.
  7. Established leaders who are facing burnout.
  8. Anyone who wants to invest time in becoming a great leader.

And, at RV Rhodes, we offer a variety of coaching solutions to meet every need and budget.

One-to-One Coaching

Your leaders get personalized guidance and support from an RV Rhodes Coach through our individual coaching program. We work with the leader, his or her supervisor, and HR team member to choose topics and customize the sessions to meet your specific goals. In addition to our self-assessments, participants complete a 360° feedback assessment to learn more about the perceptions of others. Call or schedule an appointment to discuss your needs, ideas and pricing.


Aspiring Executives

4 full-day sessions in our Buffalo, New York office or at your site, allows leaders to explore insightful topics in detail while networking with other professionals like them. 4 hours of additional one-on-one coaching gives time to focus on the application of new skills and customization to achieve the leader’s personal and professional goals. Participants also receive our Aspiring Executives Toolkit, full of insight and frameworks that can used long in the future, as well as as a one-year subscription to ProStar Coach.




Virtual Coaching System

Wouldn’t it be terrific if you could:

  • Give your workforce 24/7 access to exercises and resources to build both personal strengths and people skills.
  • Create coaching networks within your organization for sharing feedback, insight, and advice from people who care about each others’ success.
  • House your own content for technical and behavioral training.
  • Build systems of accountability for learning and development.

ProStar Coach is a unique and robust system that delivers powerful content via the Internet.  It provides 7 types of multi-media exercises for dozens of areas, and a virtual personal trainer to guide individuals to take action and learn from experiences.

Click here to watch a demonstration.

Interested in creating your own Internal Coaching Process?  Ask us how you can customize ProStar Coach to include your own content, while managing the coaching relationships in your organization. 


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